How to create pretty graphics for your publications ?

To stand out and attract the attention of the public, integrating good illustrations into your communication is essential. Graphic design professionals can help you achieve quality images that can convey information effectively. If hiring these professionals was necessary in the past, this is no longer exactly the case today. You can very well take care of it personally. Discover solutions that make this possible.

Use an image generator like MyImageGPT

To design high-quality images in a short time and from scratch, there is no better tool than MyImageGPT. Powered by artificial intelligence, this revolutionary bot allows you to generate representations based on the instructions provided.

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The building capabilities of this tool are based on a large training dataset, including thousands of images in different categories. Language models and pre-trained neural networks make it possible to interpret textual descriptions and transform them into visually convincing images.

To generate a graph, simply go to, the bot's online platform. Note that you are not even required to subscribe. You must then choose the type of image you want to create. These may include, among other things, styles:

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Once the choice is made, you must then enter your textual description. This prompt must be as detailed as possible so that the generated image is impressive and so that it best meets your expectations. So don’t hesitate to specify the shapes, colors and context of the image. In just a few seconds, you obtain an exceptional result. When the generated illustration does not convince you, as can happen, you simply send another prompt to correct the situation.

Use traditional graphic design tools

Beyond the generation tools, you can also use traditional graphic design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva. These are becoming more and more accessible today. They can help you manipulate images, adjust colors, redefine shapes, and apply a multitude of visual effects.

Even though the use of these tools has become more widespread in recent years, it should be noted that it can present challenges for inexperienced users. To be able to manipulate illustrations, you must have in-depth technical skills. Otherwise, the results obtained will be approximate for certain projects. If you want to use them, get trained accordingly. Thousands of tutorials are available on Youtube to help you achieve your goal.

Beyond the necessary expertise, you may also need to purchase expensive licenses and install certain software on your computer. The time taken to design an image can also be considered a constraint, especially when we know that it takes a few seconds with a tool like MyImageGPT.

This is why this last option seems to be the best at the moment for generating images.

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